Praying for Alfred

We are asking God to come closer. Closer to Alfred, closer to our campuses, closer to the staff, and the students who walk among us. We are asking Him to make his home in us that we would be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ…that He would awaken a hunger in us and the world around us.

Vision: Coming together as the Body of Christ to Pray, Unite & Love Alfred University and Alfred State. Calling out for God’s presence.

Sign up: Please sign up for as many time slots as you desire. We would love it if there were at least 2 praying at all times but the more the better!

2 days of prayer, 12 hours each.

@Alfred State College
Thursday, April 18th
8AM – 8PM
Student Leadership Center
Suite 412

@Alfred University
Friday, April 19th
7AM – 7PM
Powell Campus Center
Mcnamara Room (1st floor)